Welcome aboard LUCRF, thank you Jayco

LUCRFAugust 1 is already a significant day in the thoroughbred racing industry.

Horses birthday, the start of a new racing season… but this date is also significant for the start of a new partnership between The Australian Jockeys Association and their new sponsor, LUCRF Super.

LUCRF stands for Labour Union Co-operative Retirement Fund, and to find out more about them visit www.lucrf.com.au. Over the next 3 years, LUCRF has committed to a substantial amount of money for the naming rights on jockey breeches. The majority of this money will be set aside for the National Jockeys Trust, who financially assist jockeys and their families in difficult times when a work related accident occurs.

Jayco have been a generous sponsor for the naming rights on jockey breeches for many years now, and we wish them all the very best of success in their other chosen sports sponsorship.

All jockeys should have received their new complimentary breeches by now, as you are required to start using them from August 1st. As a service to jockeys and the NJT, if you need to purchase new breeches in the future, you will only need to pay for the breeches as we will continue to offer FREE printing of LUCRF and FREE printing of your names on the legs.

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